Ensembles Summer/Spring 2012

Colorful Spring Pieces from Ensembles

The most exciting of seasons when the world seems fresh and bright is Spring, that midway respite between the cold season and summer.


The excitement and anticipation of the warmer days to come is more fun when you have the perfect wardrobe to take you through the summer and through many summers beyond. Celebrate the season with Ensembles Spring/Summer 2012 Collections with a colorful flair.  A very mod, vibrant take on delicate florals and hints of sheer and light fabrics. The collection features items such as sheer maxi dresses, flirty floral prints perfect for your hot weather activities and of course, corporate summer suits like smart tailored dresses, dressed-up blazers and square pants.


And what is summer romp without hitting the beach! Let your sweet side shine through with Ensembles’ beach must-haves: exquisite array of dainty swimsuits and cover-ups.  The swimwear collection includes beautifully cut swim tops and bottoms and swimsuits that are flattering more than anything. 


Ensembles’ brand celebrity ambassador, Carmina Villarroel, graces the Spring/Summer 2012 campaign and talks about the pieces she wore at the shoot, “I love the entire collection! Fashionable, stylish and wearable. I love the colors too and the materials used for the dresses, very light and comfy!”.  Also featured in the campaign are her Muñiz Shoes, a brand owned and created by Carmina Villaroel featuring her own creative design ideas.


We interviewed Carmina about her summer plans, reveals her upcoming TV shows and her faves:

  1.  What are your plans for this summer? – We are planning to go to Japan. I want to experience enjoying the cherry blossoms so I’m hoping we can go this April.
  2. Your fave summer outfits?  How about for swimsuits (tankinis, bikinis)? Shorts, tank tops, comfy maxi dress and light summer colors. Tankinis are okay but not two-piece bikinis! haha!
  3. If you didn't become a celebrity, what everyday occupation would you have liked? hmmm.... either a pre-school teacher, guidance counselor or a psychiartist/ psychologist.
  4. What are your summer activities for the twins this year? summer activities for the twins? For Mavy tennis, swimming and socceer. For Cassy its gymnastics and swimming. Art classes for both of them too. Fyi- all their activities are on going now so they will just continue doing these things this summer.
  5. What takes up most of your time now? My new talk show called Showbiz Inside Report with Ate Janice, Kuya Joey Marquez and Ogie Diaz. That’s every Sat. Then the rest of the week I spend it either with my family, exercising and guesting for ABS CBN shows and preparing for my upcoming teleserye .
  6. Who or what is your inspiration for your fashion style? Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez are my inspiration, but I don’t really copy their style. I guess I have my own style. What is important is that I look and feel good.
  7. What is one of the most important lessons you have learned that you have applied to your lifestyle? Live within your means. You don’t have to be rich to be stylish and fashionable. Just be yourself! It’s how you carry yourself. If you are happy and content, you will always be beautiful inside and out.
  8. How would you describe Ensembles’ Spring/Summer 2012 collection? I love the new collection of Ensembles. It’s fashionable, stylish and wearable. I love the colors and the materials they used for the dresses. very light and comfy. As always it is fun working with my dream photo shoot team. I love working with these people because they are all talented!
  9. You’ve been with Ensembles for a long time now. How is it like working with them? They are all nice, supportive and they make me feel that we are one. I wouldn’t be with them for such a long time if we didn’t jive at all. It’s like we have the same goal and purpose. Just be yourself and we have no pretentions. They are my family too!


Check out the lovely Spring/Summer collection as it hits the stores this February. Perfect, timeless smart pieces that you’ll want to wear everyday  for the years to come.  


www.munizshoes.com  (Muñiz Shoes & Accessories are available at Ensembles Trinoma, SM Megamall, Robinson’s Ermita & Alabang Town Center.)