Ensembles changed the landscape of corporate wear when it opened its first branch in Glorietta in 1991. It was a contemporary accessible brand for strong, independent yet feminine women. The incomparable comfort and elegance embodies ultimate luxury and sensuality.


It challenged the playing field by providing eclectic pieces when most brands sold suits as sets. Ensembles offered mix and match young corporate dressing. The brand allowed women to choose for themselves the parts that would make up the whole outfit, characterizing the concept of the brand.


Ensembles earned great approval due to the quality of the merchandise and their workmanship. Ensembles is one of the very few local brands that offer affordable suit sets and smart dresses. From finest raw materials including voile, charmeuse, silk, chiffon, jersey knits, stretch poplin and twill, to intricate and elaborate embellishments, pleating, ruffles, unique collar and sleeves treatments, each piece is creation of craftsmanship and artistry.


To parallel the opulence of the merchandise, the interior resembles a soothing spa with its combination of wood, stone and glass. The huge oriental wide blade fans add to the modern tropical ambiance of the store. The cool jazzy tunes allow the customers to feel relaxed and comfortable as they shop after a hard day’s work at the office.


The key factor for a loyal following of the brand is the flattering fit of the work shirts and suit sets. The fit is slim fitted to the woman’s body, as opposed to many boxy shaped work shirts in the market.  It has become an alternate to many foreign brands due to its good quality, style and fit. Its shapes and silhouettes, explicit cuts and fresh palettes epitomize the signature Ensembles understated look.


Ensembles attributes its great success to synergy. Having sound competent core and support teams creates a harmonious family type atmosphere. This together with a closely controlled system and science of monitoring design processes, inventory, sales training and store performance leads to a good alchemy that combines art and business.

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